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Art is an outcome of the imagination from a human mind. It could be represented through artworks, performing artifacts, music, and dancing. Art is expressing the power of emotion and beauty of a person mind or fantasy. There are several types of Art, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture, dancing and singing etc. The modernization of art is due to innovations through technology. The trending form of art right now is Graphic Design.

Graphic design is an art that combines with text and pictures for advertisements, magazines or books. This kind of art also called “Communication design” because it involves text and words. The communication point could be represented through virtual and images or any kind that can perceive. Graphic design is a trending art because it provides multi-purposes whether for political, cultural, education or commercial.

Graphic designing evolves the traditional poster advertisement, news, and magazine. It becomes more creative and it easily catches the attention of the people. That’s the reason why graphic designers are in demand nowadays.

Kinds of Graphic design

  • Motion graphics- it creates an illusion of motion and rotation by using animation and digital footage. It’s a modern art because its display by using the technology called electronic media.  Upon displaying it should be meticulous in time span, like in the opening of a movie, video or an advertisement.
  • Wayfinding- graphic design for the signage and branding that you see in the building. Either it is for public or a private building. logos, business cards, or an advertisement can be expressed in a design. A way that the customer will encounter in any of the design is such a big help in the business.
  • Editorial design for web and mobile- involve data visualization for presenting stream information from within the website or in a mobile. While Product design for web and mobile is the responsibility of software design particularly layouts of pages in certain apps and website.

A graphic designer’s jobs are to make sure that the design is interactive with the fluid content; because it changes minute to minute and also the users will not experience complexity in using the digital technology.  The graphic design from the importance of a single letter, it has a meaning on each letter. Whether it is a typeface, brand, signage, and poster; its create a relationship with the viewer, customer, and the artist.

Graphic design is a kind of art with complexity, lot of different skills and tool needed including the software. A Graphic designer should have the skills in attracting the audience and know how to sell the design. It is important because most of the companies are looking for a graphic designer; companies are in the business of advertisement, good and services and information technology.

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